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Brief Introduction to JSASS

Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Social Sciences (JSASS) is a specialized organization of philosophy and social science study as well as economic and social development consultation service under the direct supervision of Jiangsu Provincial government as its think tank.

JSASS was founded in 1980. After three decade development, JSASS now has 12 research institutes, 7 administrative offices and 4 affiliated offices. Academic journals include Jianghai Academic Journal, Academia Bimestrie, Modern Economic Research, Forum of World Economics & Politics, The Journal of Ming-Qing Fiction Studies and Forum For Chinese Literature of the World. It has 207 staff, of which 99 holding senior professional titles (45 senior and 54 associate).




Xia Jinwen

Chen Aibei

Fan Heping

Zhang Shourong

Secretary of  Party Committee,
Professor, President

Vice President  Professor, Vice President and Party Committee member Vice President and Party Committee member